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Useful Juniper Commands

List pre-defined “junos-” applications show configuration groups junos-defaults applications

Upgrade / Downgrade Juniper SRX Software

1) Ensure there are no un-committed changes: user@srx# top user@srx# show | compare 2) Backup the configuration on the SRX (setup logging on the SSH connection) user@srx# show configuration | no-more 3) Check the size of the flash and purge any unused files: —Check size of Flash show system storage | match cf — Purge…

Juniper SRX Debugging

From configuration mode, create the debug edit security flow traceoptions set file NAME-OF-FILE set packet-filter Packet-Filtername source-prefix x.x.x.x/xx destination-prefix x.x.x.x/x destination-port xxx set flag basic-datapath To check the traceoption… show security flow traceoptions To activate the traceoption… activate security flow traceoptions Commit and save the configuration commit check commit From operational mode, check the output…