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ASA Packet Captures (CLI)

The ASA packet capture is a handy tool to use when troubleshooting connectivity through a firewall. Starting Captures To start a capture on the CLI of an ASA firewall the syntax is: capture <name_of_capture> type raw-data interface <ingress_interface> buffer <size_of_buffer> match <tcp|udp|ip> <source> <destination> eq <port_number> Where the source and destination can be any, host or a network range….

Cisco ASA Upgrade process (active-failover)

To upgrade two ASA firewalls in an Active/Standby failover configuration, use the following steps: 1) To find out the current image of the ASA run the following command ASAactive#show run boot 2) Specify the new boot image for the ASA and remove the line for the old image ASAactive(config)#boot system disk0:/newASAimage.bin ASAactive(config)#no boot system disk0:/oldASAimage.bin 3)…