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Useful FortiNet Commands

List of IPs on Interfaces show system interface ? Setting IP on an Interface config system interface edit port1 set ip set allowaccess https ssh end Display active routes in routing table get router info routing-table all Display active & inactive routes get router info routing-table database

Useful Juniper Commands

List pre-defined “junos-” applications show configuration groups junos-defaults applications

Changing MTU size in Windows XP

Run REGEDIT.exe Go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces Select the interface you want to configure Right click on the right hand side and create a new REG_DWORD with the following details: Name: MTU Base: Decimal Value Data: The MTU size you require Once modified Рrestart the system

Wireshark Filters

Examples of Wireshark display filters: To show only FTP (port 21) use the following tcp.port eq 21 To show SMTP (port 25) and FTP (port 21) use the following tcp.port eq 25 or 21 To show traffic to or from a particular IP address or address range use the following ip.src== and ip.dst== When using…

Active Directory Account Keeps Locking Out

Scenario: A user has recently changed their password but then they cannot log into the domain. The system admin unlocks the account, but after a few minutes the original user calls to say their account is locked out again! To find out where or what is locking out this user firstly, you will need to…